Founded in Lausanne in 1906, the Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande has been providing education for children aged 2,5 to 18 years of age for over a century, based on values and a pedagogical approach that have earned it international acclaim. In addition to ENSR’s day school, its boarding facilities allow 50 students to reside on campus and benefit from our individualized learning environment. Discover a bilingual institution that is more than just a school; it is truly a family.


A Rich History

More than 500 students, from kindergarten to the Swiss Maturity or the International Baccalaureate exams, currently attend the Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande. Beyond the curriculum, ENSR strives to stand out by encouraging a general love of learning, nurturing curiosity, fostering personal development, critical thinking, and the organization of knowledge. This successful approach often means that grandparents and parents themselves attended the school before the arrival of the third generation!


A Non-Profit School

The Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande, a private establishment, has historically been structured as a non-profit organization and is not affiliated with any major school group. The Alumni Association plays a crucial role, with its Board of Directors being mostly composed of ENSR alumni. All profits are entirely reinvested in the school, and no shareholders receive dividends.


Two Options for Kindergarten

The Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande offers two options for children aged 2,5 to 6 years old. They can join a traditional kindergarten class or opt for the Montessori pedagogy. Both options devotedly prepare students for Primary School and offer instruction in French and English.


The Curricula

In Primary School, the focus is on learning to prepare for the future.  The programme is bilingual (FR-EN) with German which is also introduced in Grade 4. In Middle School, the emphasis shifts to deepening knowledge with 13 core subjects as well as Spanish language studies as an additional option. At the High School level, multilingualism is mandatory regardless of the chosen diploma and students can choose from a variety of additional languages such as German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and more. ENSR provides the welcoming environment, support and guidance for students to obtain their Swiss Maturity or an International Baccalaureate Diploma. These programmes are complemented by extracurricular activities such as camps, sports, music, excursions, along with all the events that punctuate school life.

ENSR Camps

Summer Camps in the Swiss Alps

Our school offers summer camps in Champéry, open to ENSR students as well as international students. These camps provide a fantastic opportunity to make new friends, practice/learn foreign languages, and engage in numerous sports and leisure activities. This camp has been successfully run for over 60 years by ENSR staff members and thoroughly enjoyed by students from all over the world. Campers are accommodated in a 4-star hotel, ensuring an unforgettable experience that combines study, sports, relaxation and fun!


Windsurf Camps

ENSR has been organising summer windsurfing camps in different parts of the world since 2003. To date, our participants have explored Hyères (South of France), Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles), Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain), Dahab (Egypt), Rhodes (Greece), Paros (Greece) and Sardinia (Italy).

During these windsurfing camps, our students not only discover this sport, but also take part in other activities such as paddle-boarding and beach volleyball.  In addition, we organise cultural excursions and other enriching experiences.

Students experience an unforgettable time in a foreign country, accompanied by students and teachers from ENSR. They acquire new skills and experiences that will serve them well on the road to independence and maturity.

The camp is open to students aged eleven and older. No previous windsurfing experience is required, as the daily lessons are suitable for all levels.


Ski Camps

Since its founding in 1906, ENSR has been enthusiastically involved in a variety of sports, with a particular emphasis on winter sports. Among winter activities, skiing holds a special place in the hearts of ENSR students.

The school organises two ski camps a year, aimed at different age groups: one exclusively for primary school students and the other for secondary school students.  As well as exhilarating daily ski sessions, the camp also includes evening activities carefully designed to create unforgettable memories for all participants.

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